Maax Spa & Jadan Spas are proud to support a very important initiative from Kidsafe surrounding Pool & Spa safety around the home; an issue that has already, or could potentially touch the lives of every family in Australia. The initiative looks at reminding parents and pool owners of the importance of checking and maintaining pool […]

Many customers looking to buy a pool or spa plan their purchase around the Pool & Spa Shows in Perth & Melbourne. And for good reason.  One of the best reasons to come along to the Pool & Spa Show is that if you’re time poor, or live away from the major retailers, you can […]

Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy your Maax Spa.  Very few things look more inviting than the steam slowly rising from the water. The team at Maax Australia have come up with some clever ideas to help you enjoy your Maax Spa this winter.   Heating Warming the area around your spa is even […]

Water cure, or Hydrotherapy is a broad ranging treatment tool for a number of conditions and symptoms, that has been around since Ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilizations. But its longevity now has real and discernible benefits, increasingly acknowledged by the medical fraternity and practiced and recommended by non-conventional therapists for far longer. The fathers […]

Experience complete control with just a touch of a finger with the new K-1000 touchpad exclusively designed and manufactured in Canada, by Gecko. The K-1000 offers a simple user interface with an easy to navigate menu screen helping to minimise user confusion and to maximize your personal spa experience. This new, fun touch pad allows […]

Owning a therapeutic spa can help with medical conditions and disabilities, and more and more people are purchasing spas using their super fund to ease their pain and stress. How? If you or a child or partner have been diagnosed with a medical condition or disability you could be eligible to access your super fund […]

Just like any big decision, buying the right spa for you requires a degree of homework first. Yes, initially to take the plunge (so to speak) is largely an emotional decision, but soon enough you realise there’s a lot of choice in the marketplace and the information you receive can be quite confusing if you […]