Feeling the cold? Maax Spa tips for winter.

Maax Spa outside in Winter

Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy your Maax Spa.  Very few things look more inviting than the steam slowly rising from the water.

The team at Maax Australia have come up with some clever ideas to help you enjoy your Maax Spa this winter.



Warming the area around your spa is even more easier than ever with all the new options of heating


Electric Heaters

Upright electric heaters can be moved around with ease.

The Heat strip slimline electric radiant heaters ideal for protected outdoor heating.


Gas Heaters

Easy way to heat a outdoor area, without too much expence.


Wood heaters

Nothing looks more cosy than a wood fire, to sit back and watch the flames flicker just adds to the enjoyment


Warm Towels

Towel warmer, nothing better when getting out of your Maax Spa to wrap yourself up in a warm towel or robe.

Hot Drinks

During the winter, hot chocolate, tea or coffee will hit the spot.


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