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Gecko is a leading manufacturer in the pool and spa industry. And our Alliance with Gecko means you get quality and control, at the touch of a button.

Gecko has worldwide recognized expertise in the design, production and the marketing of controls, system platforms and value-added accessories for spas and hot tubs.

The Gecko controllers are the ‘brains’ of your spa. Designed to last, provide flexibility, compatibility and customer satisfaction, Gecko’s X & Y series of control systems for spas and hot tubs set the industry standard.

The Y series boasts impressive features and technology in reliable, safe, long lasting and user-friendly control systems designed to be easily installed, powered and connected to pumps and accessories of spas of all sizes and configurations.

Gecko IN.YT Controller Maax Spa

Top of the line has all it takes to easily power larger size spas.

Gecko IN.YE Controller Maax Spa is the perfect solution to bring your customers’ spas to the next level.


Our new in.yj is perfect system for any small footprint spa.

in.xm and in.xe platforms from our X series include all the features and functions the spa and hot tub industry expects in stunning power box designs that break all rules and standards with their superb combination of looks and functionality..

Gecko IN.XE Controller Maax Spa


Rugged, compact, slim and built to take full advantage of its cutting edge electronics, in.xe meets all the expectations of spa manufacturers.

Gecko XM2 Controller Maax Spa


Form truly follows function in this system designed for spa OEMs and packed with innovative built-in features and ground-breaking flexibility.


Intelligent remote water heating system designed to be totally maintenance free, in.therm is a 4kw remote heater with integrated electronics.

From touch screen display keypads, to color or lcd and led keypads, Gecko multi-function and multi-feature keypads are the easiest to use and most reliable for spas and hot tubs.

Imagine everything you ever wanted, top side controls to be and here you have them. Take them in your hands, get their feel, press a key or two, look at their display and you’ll know you’re holding Gecko’s promises of advanced and reliable technology. That’s why Maax trusts Gecko to deliver performance, ease-of-use and performance in your new Maax or Jadan spa.

K-1000 touchpad

touch screen display keypads

(Standard on all Maax XS, Z and Swim Spas)

Parting ways with physical buttons, keys and overlays, our in.k1000 touch screen keypad is fun to use, simple to learn and features an intuitive and engaging one level menu interface.

And now you can enjoy the benefits of a K.1000 touchpad on any new Maax XS, Z or Swim Spa, as a standard feature.

color keypads

(Standard on all ‘M’ and ‘X Series’ Maax Spas)

With their bright, full color display, Gecko’s in.k800 and in.k500 keypads provide the ultimate user experience with their screen’s high resolution that brings spa user interfaces to a new level.

Standard on all ‘M’ and ‘X Series’ Maax Spas, you’ll love the bright, easy-to-usetouchpads by Gecko.

Gecko Touchpad Maax Spa


10 keys, large color display, menu-driven interface for Gecko’s X and Y series of control systems for spas.

Gecko Touchpad Maax Spa


7 keys, color display, menu-driven interface for Gecko’s X and Y series of control systems for spas.

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