Looking for a spa ? Do you know what to look for ? Here are a few tips

Pumps and Jets


If you are looking for a good jet performance for deep tissue massage you will need to consider the Jet to Pump Ratio

Every spa has multiple jets and pumps, but you need to consider that a spa with 1 pump and 20 jets will not perform to the same level as a spa with 1 pump and only 10 jets, the same as a spa with 2 pumps and 35 Jets will outperform a spa with 2 pumps and 70 jets. Something to consider when considering purchasing a spa as it is critical to the spas performance




Insulation has multiple advantages in todays spas, the first is the lower emittance of noise when pumps are running

The other obvious reason for quality insulation is to keep the heat in and the running costs down, but there is also another good reason and that is to help keep all the plumbing in place which will help to reduce the movement of the piping during usage, this will help to prevent the chance of joints becoming loose over the many years of continued use and possible leaking.

Remember, good spas will all have different levels of insulation, so ask to look inside the spa you are thinking to invest in and see if it has Insulation on the Shell, inside the cabinet, on the piping and the base


Try before you buy

Many people fail to sit in the spa that intend on buying and may find when they get it home it does not fit some members of the family in certain seats, and may not deliver the massage you expected. There is one simple way to avoid this, grab you bathers and a towel and arrange a wet test you will be glad you did. A good spa retailer should always have several wet models on display ready for a wet test and will be more than happy to arrange an appointment for you. Each seat will be shaped differently and deliver a different massage so make sure you try all the seats to see if you have chosen the right spa for your needs