SPASA Pool & Spa Show (Perth & Melbourne)

Jadan Spas & Maax Spa SPASA Show Melbourne

Many customers looking to buy a pool or spa plan their purchase around the Pool & Spa Shows in Perth & Melbourne. And for good reason. 

One of the best reasons to come along to the Pool & Spa Show is that if you’re time poor, or live away from the major retailers, you can effectively visit all the big (and smaller) players under one roof. There’s other reasons to go along too. For an investment of 2 hours out of your Saturday or Sunday, you can up a great deal by taking advantage of the competition at the shows and get fantastic advice from leading spa & pool experts, landscapers and designers who are there to help you!

Run by the well-respected SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia), the 2017 show schedule includes a Winter Show in mid-August (Exhibition Centre / Jeff’s Shed), and the Perth Winter Show in September (Claremont Showgrounds). In Summer, the Melbourne Show is usually in February/March and the Perth Show in April/May.

There’s a couple of things to look out for though. Less ‘buyer beware’ than a gentle reminder to watch out for some ‘red flags’ when you’re being ‘sold to’.

Here’s the list:

  • Biggest is not always best – beware of the biggest stands with the most sales people. Often it means sales targets are high and the promises can out-do the delivery of genuine service.
  • Compare product & service, not just price – there are always great ‘deals’, but check out the spa or pool comparison in terms of genuine product offerings like Warranty, Equipment & after-sales support
  • Buy from salespeople who focus on THEIR product, rather than making their competitors appear undesirable – often competition gets fierce and when pushed on features & quality (and your needs), focus starts to shift away from what’s important
  • Ensure that the retailer understands your needs – if they don’t ask YOU questions, they might be trying to flog a product they need to sell, that doesn’t best suit your needs
  • Check the contract & ask questions about Warranty & Service – remember after sales support means just that. Make sure that the business is well-setup to deal with any support you need after you receive your pool or spa
  • Get in the pool or spa and test it out! – Make sure you can get inside with your family and check out the seats (spa) and get a sense of space for the product you’re buying
  • Compare ‘apples with apples’ – too often, emotion runs the decision to purchase and the lure of saving a few hundred dollars wins out over getting the best equipment (e.g. pumps, jets, filter systems, warranty, sanitisation, insulation, support, quality & features) for your experience. Remember, the pool or Spa will be in YOUR backyard, not on a showroom floor!

Maax Spa and Jadan Spas will always be well-represented and we invite you to come over and say hello. We’re here to help and we’d love to help you find your perfect Plunge Pool, Swim Spa or Spa. Equally, we know that you need to look around and ask questions of other companies and retailers. This is really important; you should always do your homework when purchasing a valuable investment like a pool or spa!

Above all, enjoy the show. Buying a pool or spa should be a wonderfully rewarding experience and an exciting journey. Enjoy the SPASA show!

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SPASA Pool & Spa Show