The all-new K-1000 Touchpad, by Gecko (Canada)

Experience complete control with just a touch of a finger with the new K-1000 touchpad exclusively designed and manufactured in Canada, by Gecko.
The K-1000 offers a simple user interface with an easy to navigate menu screen helping to minimise user confusion and to maximize your personal spa experience.
This new, fun touch pad allows you to control every aspect of your spa, including the jets and lights.

It has the capabilities of providing notifications and reminders to the user to help keep them informed about the maintenance and cleanliness of the Spa, including reminders of when the filters need to be rinsed or cleaned. The K-1000 even alerts you to when a service is required or even if your water is due for a change.
This intelligent touch pad even allows you to either fully lock or partially lock the interactive screen with a 4 digit code, ensuring that you have full control.


Maax Spa and Jadan Spas is proud to introduce this fully interactive touchpad with the ‘XS, Z and Swim Spa’ ranges.

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